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Murder at St Margaret

If you have never heard of or read a cozy mystery, you are in for a treat. They are quick beach reads that features an amateur sleuth, no gore, a hint of romance, a steady pace as the protagonist investigates, and it is all set in a lovely place–in this case Oxford.

I had never read a cozy mystery before but my friend Lynn wrote this so I jumped at the chance to be one of her first readers and reviewers. Even though she is my friend, I don’t recommend books to friends that I didn’t fully enjoy myself. This book, I recommend!

Murder At St Margaret is an engaging and fun read! I thought all the characters complimented each other very well, and it was a spritely whodunit. H was hysterical; Harry was charming and sweet; Edward a complex and exciting addition to the crime-fighting team. But not nearly the MOST interesting. That, you will have to discover for yourself! It is the strength of the protagonist and her naively charming approach to larger-than-life problems that make you want her to succeed. Anyone who loves her Wellies as much as Nat does is welcome in my home anytime. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

5 stars!



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