About Me

about imageI began my career in Public Relations. I landed that job by re-crafting the lyrics to The 12 Days of Christmas as an ad jingle and sang it in my job interview.

Some would call me shy, but they would be wrong. Following the completion of that contract, I married and spent three years as a copywriter in Australia, working on mostly tourism projects. Upon returning to Canada, I became the Brand Manager at Lavalife and spent almost six years there building a brand.

My unique take on life makes others laugh, guffaw, share, smile, and sometimes even cry. When I’m not writing I enjoy travelling with the family.

I am a master of many things, but gravy isn’t one of them.

I see nothing wrong with dog kisses and wish I could burn my to-do list and binge on Netflix every Monday. My blood type is A- which is of no relevance; I grew up with a single dad; I sleep on her stomach: I own a selfie ring light; and think cheezies should be a food group. I am an open book and will, undoubtedly, make you laugh before you finish your first call.

If you promise not to tell my husband, I will divulge where I keep all the books I’m hoarding and my secret stash of chocolate.

I have completed my first manuscript and am in the market for an editor and agent. The working title is ONE WEEK AT A TIME, and it combines the adventure and personal growth of Cheryl Strayeds Wild if retold by Jenny Lawson. 

Wish me luck!

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