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    Book Review: Hench

    This was a pleasant surprise. I picked up Hench based on CBC Canada Reads defense by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. Truly, if we are talking chicken and egg here, the egg was CBC Canada Reads and the chicken was Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. I love Kim’s Convenience and think he’s hysterical so why wouldn’t I like a book he likes? Evildoers at a temp agency is where we find our protagonist, Anna. Even villains need someone to help with filing and coffee. So Anna goes from villain to villain until she finds herself at a press conference that goes horribly wrong. A superhero shows up to save the day. The hero injures…

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    A Review: Untamed

    Well… not sure where to start. I’ll start with, I was really excited to read this book. The premise of this memoir is reason to pick it up. Writer and women’s activist, Glennon Doyle, forgives her husband’s infidelity only to fall in love with her now-wife at first sight. She tells of blended families, setting boundaries, unleashing her wild and finding her Knowing. It’s a story of brokeness that isn’t broken to unleash your truest self. Controversial subjects like porn, spirituality, racism, and feminism, are blended with parenting, relationships, soccer moms, and American Royalty. It is also a story of how the author is better than the reader. I am…

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    Why Reading Books As An Adult Is Important

    I read about a book a week. This year has been more difficult with the family at home most of the year, but I’m still on track to get sixty books done this year. Some are stinkers, some are great, but with each completed work, I take away something. The characters fade away, but the reason for reading gets me to open another book. We understand, intuitively, that children need to read and/or be read to establish their vocabulary, develop their imagination, improve their literacy skills, and entertain them, but what about us? Why do I recommend to my family that they pick up a book? It is not just…

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    A Review: The Darkhouse

    The Darkhouse, Barbara Radecki “Fifteen-year-old Gemma’s life on a small New Brunswick island with her father, Jonah, is not an exciting one. Her mother ran off when she was an infant, and Jonah, an amateur scientist, spends most of his time conducting experiments he thinks will one day bring him fame. But when a woman arrives on the island, Gemma tries to play matchmaker—only to discover Jonah’s secret journals, which hold terrifying secrets about both their lives.” Truth #1: I just noticed now that this is listed as a young adult novel. Other than the protagonist being a young adult, I would not have pegged it. There are some adult…

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    A Review: The Getaway Car

    Working on my current manuscript, I have been reading a lot! Writing is reading. You can’t do one without the other. Although I have enjoyed plenty of fiction, I have also been researching with some great reads on writing. I have a pile of books on the topic that will be absorbed at some point, but for now I’ll talk about the ones I have completed since isolation. First is: The Getaway Car, Ann Patchett You will not find it on Ann Patchett’s website, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. But you can download it here for free. It is a 75-page essay on her biggest lessons in writing. I can…