Receive your 50 Cheap and Easy Bucket List Items to Improve Your Midlife Crisis Checklist

Days after my forty-ninth birthday, I was rebounding from a three-year crippling depression. I needed to find meaning and reason to carry on when I made the most impulsive decision of my life. I would plan fifty new experiences before my fiftieth birthday.

If you're considering a bucket list project, don't break the bank. Here are some items I completed, and others that are still on my list.

My completed project is now a memoir looking for an agent. But you don't have to wait for the book, start having fun today.

About Me

I've been writing personal essays and humor articles since 2014. I've appeared in Slackjaw, Belladonna, Scary Mommy and The Huffington Post. I will remove one of my articles from the paywall for subscribers each month. I'm also an avid reader and will review four books each month I would recommend.

When I turned 49 I started a bucket list challenge to complete 50 new adventures. I wasn't dying, I was living. Don't buy a Corvette or have an affair, go to goat yoga if you're having a midlife crisis. It's a much better ride!

I want my 50 Cheap & Easy Bucket List Items to Improve My Midlife Crisis Checklist now!