7 Steps to Kill a Blog Post

kill a blog post kristine laco

Pitfalls of blogging are everywhere. If you see yourself in one of these statements, maybe it is time to hire someone to help.

  1. Talk endlessly about your amazingness. You know, after all, this is your blog. If they are reading it, they want to know all about you, and it doesn’t matter if they relate. Don’t forget to tell them the time that Aunt Martha tried to braid your hair before a school picture. Clients love that.
  2. Don’t build on your idea. Rambling and redundancies are super awesome, and I can’t say enough about talking in circles and even about how terrific you are especially when you are at parties and have a couple of cocktails, you are totally the bomb. So that’s why you need an iPhone.
  3. Write to impress. Just as the Philippians sent Epaphroditus as an emissary, you too must be the conduit of communiqué aimed at your habitué. Capiche?
  4. If they can’t follow your train of thought, they should leave the station. You are the expert and when you want them to understand something they should just understand it. You shouldn’t have to spend time explaining yourself especially if you have a conductor in your corner named Paulie because that was an epic movie even though I didn’t like the Russian opponent but, at least, he wasn’t Mr T which seemed like a jumping the shark moment but without the shark like how Thomas the Train has a shark carrier in the wooden set. Like that.
  5. Say what you want and people will believe it. People will believe anything they read on the internet as long as it appears on Facebook.
  6. Words are fun. People want to hear what you have to say not see any supporting images. They are just a waste of time. Oh, and grammer and spellin dont count neither.
  7. Copy, copy, copy. Everyone knows that there are no new ideas so why reinvent the wheel? Just steal the info from another site, change the title and you are good to go.

Have you come across any of these types of bloggers?

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