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    The Memoir Writing Process

    I have been writing a memoir. I’m asked often when my book is coming out, so I thought I would run through the process for you in case you are thinking of asking me or anyone else about their memoir writing exploits. Live the memoir. I spent a year living the adventures included in the book, but a lifetime before that of getting messed up enough to have the adventures. Journal about the memoir. While I was living it, I wrote about my days. It served as a reminder of what I learned and was thinking. Ignore everything in step one and two. This is the ‘overthinking’ stage of writing…

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    My First THE END

    I typed ‘THE END’ in the first draft of my memoir on January 1st. 91,949 words or 368 pages of my experiences ordered, typed, and ready for edit. I thought I’d feel elated. I did for a few minutes. I shook, I cried, then I deflated faster than a balloon with no knot. What is wrong with me? Maybe it was the 2020 malaise many of us suffer from. Maybe it was the end of a daily conversation I was having with my keyboard. Maybe I saw how much work there was left, it felt anti-climactic. My family wanted to celebrate, and I said, “not yet.” That was wrong. They…