Kristine Laco

My life blood is writing. I rediscovered my love for the printed word when our children reached an age where they were more influenced by their peers than their mother. After 6 months of crying, I dusted my skill set off and took to the keyboard. The nuance and imagery of language. The pacing of a great paragraph. The sound of the keys. These keep my brain alive and my heart thumping.

Let me craft your key message to spring off the page, grab your customer and make them read on. I have a distinctive voice that can promise a fresh perspective with originality built in to set you apart.

Your hard work deserves to be communicated with respect, sizzle and all the pride you have poured in. Let me convey that for you through the content of your website, blog, printed material and/or articles. I will be your silent business partner.

Your Story is My Style. 

I am a story teller and there is no better story than yours. You built it. Let me tell it. If you are knitting socks, selling widgets or assembling cabinetry, your journey is unique. You are the only one doing what you do the way you do it. Let’s tell the world together what you can offer.

Why I Am Different.

My background in public relation, advertising and brand management means that I understand your problems. I also know that you have better things to do in your day then struggle with writing blog posts, newsletters and editing your website if that is not your strength. You have a business to grow and I can help.

Communicating regularly with your customers through blogs and newsletters has proven to help develop customer relationships, establish you as an industry leader, connect new people to your brand and create an opportunity for your fans to share your content. Is that happening? It should be. I can help.


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